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Delta Graph

Web application is for working with basic station and dealer of Delta-Telecom (SkyLink) telecommunication company. The main aim of the application is to help customer service for working with geospatial objects on the map interface.

Main sections of the application:

  • Authorisation section
  • Basic station map, search by name and other parameters
  • Detail form of basic station
  • Dealer map, search by name
  • Dealer form

Application codded on Groovy, Javascript, HTML. It was used Grails-1.2.1, javascript library: Prototype, Mapstraction, database: Oracle. The program has a client-server architecture.

The server side will require a J2EE container (standard J2EE Web Application, the client - the browser.

The first version of the system was released in 1999. The service works based on the mapping engine of CSI Software. In 2010 we made ​ upgrade program in order to make transition to the Google Map API.