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The development project the online version of the Yellow Pages was the main project of the company for 7 years, since 1999. During this time, the site became one of the leaders in the field of information and reference sites. The main feature of this resource - a mapping service that extends the search capabilities on the site. All development mapping was carried out by the developer, which at that time was quite innovative solution. In 2006, out in a score of 6 version of the site with the following functionality:

  • Search for companies by name, phone, taking into account the morphological forms;
  • Search by category hierarchy;
  • Search on the map;
  • Routing around the city;
  • Keeping information pages through private offices;
  • Engine advertising banners and contextual advertising;
  • Block statistics;
  • Integration with internal information system of the company.

The new portal includes such advanced services as the installation of the route by road and public transport in St. Petersburg, places of interest on the map, a special service for obtaining samples from the database. Site attendance reaches 15,000 visitors a day. In the 2007's YPI Yellow Pages successfully sold to the Swedish concern KEH.

The site has been awarded the prestigious: the diploma for the 3rd place on the Internet Forum 2002 for the online version of the city directory "Yellow Pages".

Site development - 1999-2006. Issued 6 versions.

Project site: