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Yell CD

Yell CD - is the project of electronic CD-catalog (e-cat) directory development for Yellow Pages company. It was implemented in two versions: Standard and Professional. The main functionality of the application:

  • Search companies by type or by activity.
  • Search for companies by all of the following attributes:
    • name of the organization (on top or on the side),
    • phone (with area code for the area),
    • fax (with area code for the area),
    • street
    • home,
    • zip code,
    • email,
    • web site,
    • area,
    • the nearest metro stations.
  • Search for addresses, metro and train stations.
  • Find businesses in the neighborhood of a given point.
  • Search in a map fragment.
  • Multi-step search (search results).
  • Working with the detailed form of the company.
  • Working with the map. Built interactive map allows you to perform the following functions:
    • navigation and zooming, drag and pan, centering;
    • help context by right-click mouse;
    • map printing with objects;
    • saving the map image in exchange buffer with the possibility of subsequent insertion into any office document;
  • Built-in Help.
Versions were produced in 2002-2004.