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Fleet Manager - a system of online monitoring of rolling stock vehicles. This system solves the problem of monitoring and control of mobile objects via the Internet. The system consists of the following parts:

  • Subsystem of monitoring facilities. Each facility is equipped with a mobile terminal, allowing to determine the location of an object, process, event sensors and transmit this information to the monitoring server. Terminals can also be controlled by commands from the center of the monitoring system. All objects are grouped according to their belonging to the owners of the objects.
  • Monitoring Server. This is the main element of the system, that talks all the other elements of the system. The server executes the request of each of the parts of the system and works directly with the monitoring system database.
  • Monitoring Database. The base is used to store user profiles, terminals, archival tracks the movement of objects, events related to the monitoring facilities.
  • Web server monitoring. Site server monitoring system. The main client application monitoring system available from this server. It provides the security and confidentiality of the data monitoring system.
  • Map server monitoring system. Server that hosts the interactive maps from the monitoring objects on the client system.
  • Client programs monitoring system. These are applications that work through a standard browser interface.

Applications are used by clients to obtain data on the monitoring of its facilities, for archival traces and event logs of their movement, to manipulate objects. Client programs contain a mapping interface for display on a map the locations of objects and routes of their movement. Separate service client applications associated with the formation of reports on events and routes of movement of objects. As a client application can act as programs for mobile devices: Pocket PC, Smartphone, just cell phones. Each of these implementations can receive the necessary information to monitor and if necessary, carry out commands relevant monitoring objects.

The developed monitoring system is the base that allows it to adjust to the various applications of this system.

Development 2008.

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