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StayToday - Internet service is a daily rent, search platform and online accommodation booking. The system is a replica of the famous service Airbnb. In the design of this internet service, we proceeded from the fact that the russian market of daily rent has important distinguishing features in relation to the western market. Therefore, the project was based on the following requirements:

  • The model should allow property owners to customize and publish their own ads;
  • Priority is given to finding better ads and those ads, for which there is more deals;
  • Monetization of the service is based on a flexible circuit reservation, which is based on service microreservation (reservations a day);
  • The system shall provide for alternative ways to monetize, for example, paid promotion.

The formulation of the idea to make a user-friendly interface to a database of proposals for rental housing in Russia and the CIS by contact with homeowners.

The project was implemented on the platform of Grails using MySQL. Development 2012-2013.

Project site: