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Technologies & Solutions

This section provides information on key technologies and solutions offered by our company. For each of these technology areas we have accumulated a lot of experience in implementing various projects.

It should identify the following areas:

Product & services catalogues, Internet directories

Internet development for business directories is the main profile of our company. Since 1999 year when we launched the first version o Yellow Pages site we are working with the direction of activity. Now the business catalogue is a typical solution in Internet development. The format of business directory includes:

  • Search by name, phone number, address, business activity with supporting morphological forms, synonims, and keyphrase
  • Search on map, search nearby
  • Online company registaration
  • Private cabinet fro users with ability to edit texts, photo, video files, product list, articlesses
  • User services: reference, user carts, applications, integration with social networkings
  • Advertising block: banners and context ads

This is standard functions for all site of the direction. However, in spite of the standard approach ther are a lot of special features in any project of business directory. So usually it is needed to develop here  special solution with careful study of all requirements to the project.

Another variant of development is Internet services for publications of products, services and prices. This is Internet catalogue deveplopment. In case of one comapany catalogue we have standard web shop. In case of catalogue of many companies products we have more complex Internet service.

We would like to say that our company has great experience in the field of business directories  and Internet catalogues development.

We have developed solutions for four main Russian and Ukraine companies of Yellow Pages and has experience in the product catalogue projects too.

Navigation and LBS services Software Development

A large number of online resources related to information databases may be characterized specific geographical location on map. One of the effective ways for presenting this information is to display informational objects on the interactive map inteerface through Internet browsers. Developing Geographic Information Systems for the Internet application appears to be very promising area of software development. Interactive map is important aspect of the system functioning, so it has more convienent user interface. The implementation of such systems has a number of distinctive features. The map information is associated with graphics, so one of the major problems for the systems is getting enough high-quality and informative graphic on the client side of the system.

Our company is one of the first to realize services publishing interactive vector maps on the Web. We developed for this aim special map server, which used the vector data set from the client side to get interactive map by means JAVA.

In the field of transport logistics systems we have implemented several projects. At the essential feature of these systems is the monitoring service for tracking the moving truck. The implementation of the service requires the using of a tracking server, which is responsible for obtaining the coordinates of moving objects. Logic of the systems may be different, depending on customer requirements. The usage of such systems has many application area now and can be used by cargo transportation companies or service organiastion like taxi park. Currently, we can offer have mobile solutions for creating applications to remotely operate the system of transport logistics.

Internet corporate application. The questions of integration.

Most medium and large companies now use in their business approach that is focused on their customers. For efficient operation of such companies need a single information environment, which allows you to handle large flows of information that are associated with the document inside the company and with its clients.

The solutions offered by our company, are flexible enough to integrate , the system can be easily segmented by adjusting them to business processes of the customer. One of the larger projects of our company has been associated with the development of corporate information systems for the company's Yellow Pages. The system is a complete solution for the automation of the business, including the editorial module , the module sales (CRM), module integration with 1C, the manufacturing unit, the module product delivery and client reporting module. These software solutions have been implemented in the form of client- server applications.

We have developed a number of solutions to create various map applications to work with geographically distributed information. One of our projects has been associated with the development of cartographic subsystem for ready-made information system. The need for such systems occurs if the work with database objects easy to use graphical user interface in the form of maps of the locations of objects. Database objects can be represented on the map by different icons depending on the type and status of the object. You can display the coverage areas around the point of interest. The map can be used to specify the search criteria, such as looking at a predetermined map fragment. The solution can be adapted and configured to any information system, in which there are objects with location coordinates.

Mobile applications and solutions for informational systems based on Apple iOS or Google Android

The development of telecommunications, mini-computers, tablets, smartphones open a wide opportunities in the field of mobile solution development for the information services. In essence, this means that every information system can be designed taking into account the organization of workplaces to work through mobile devices. Now basically this niche occupied by mobile smartphones based on operating systems iOS, Android, Windows Moibile.

The smartphone can be used to work with a specific application, tailored for the mobile device to perform tasks outside the main office. Information database for this application can be a sample of the main corporate database . This application can regularly be synchronized their data with the main base at the time of connecting a mobile device to the network. This is one of the possible solutions to extend the range of the enterprise information system, and reduce the cost of manual processing of incoming data.

Another trend now in the field of mobile solution is to create web applications that are based on their connection to the server architecture of the system via the Internet. We offer development of interactive mobile applications that perform the function of client applications of common information system for users outside the main office of the company. It may be applications for merchants , messengers , advertising agents , managers, carriers. Mobile applications are essentially extend the capabilities of information systems, since they make them available everywhere.

The great importance in any mobile applications has mapping services that allow user to locate and specify its location on the map. Geographical context, in other words , the search for objects nearby the point of user location has a large number of applications related to information systems based on mobile devices. All our projects connected with the mobile applications development are based on the interactive map service .